Quit dreaming... and put your feet on the sand!

Picture this: A tropical place... that’s still virgin, good fishing, wide beaches, full of the biggest variety of birds you'd ever thougth of. warm and smiley people, lots of sand, and you!

All in one place... Put your feet in "La Pesca", Soto La Marina, the only place you'll want to come back even before you'd met it!

What would I fish? Inland, the list is endless.
Speckeled trout, snook, redfish, king mackerel, drum, gray snapper, variety of  groupers, bonito, flounder, ray, croacker... you name it!

And at the sea? Red snapper, viriety of groupers, cod, cabrilla, negrilla (the best tasting fish you'd ever eat), villa-jaiba, bonito, kingmackerel, shark... and many more!

And in blue waters? Marlin, sailfish, dolphin, tuna, shark, rays, cod, groupers... and some more!

"If I want to rent a beautifull quinta... rent a boat, hotel room, 4x4, what do I do?" Simple! Just send us a message or give us a call! We'll be very glad to serve you any time!